Rear Upper Spring Seat - UP-SPRG-SEAT-50

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The lower spring seat is used to set spring preload. BC Racing lock rings are manufactured of 6061-T6 aluminum. This spring seat is produced in three sizes; 53mm x P2.0 thread pitch, 50mm x P1.5 thread pitch, and 44mm x P1.5 thread pitch. Each lock ring is sandblasted then anodized to protect the ring from corrosion.The spring sits on the lower spring seat. A durable plastic spring seat isolator is included and used between the spring and the lower spring seat to prevent metal to metal contact.

Spring seats and lock rings are manufactured in three sizes; 53mm x P2.0 thread pitch, 50mm x P1.5 thread pitch, and 44mm x P1.5 thread pitch. Each spring seat and lock ring is sandblasted then anodized to protect from corrosion.

Most kits are fitted with 53mm spring seats and lock rings. If you are unsure which rings to order you may call us at 321-206-6381, e-mail us at, or measure the threaded portion of your shock body. If your shock body is 53mm, wrapping the threaded portion of the shock with US paper currency of any denomination will determine if you need a 53mm lock ring. Simply wrap a dollar bill, or bill of any denomination around the threaded portion of your shock. If the bill wraps and meets perfectly, your shock is 53mm and that is the size lock ring you need.

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