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Spanner Wrench Group O

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Don't Get Caught Without Spanner Wrenches!

Each of our BC Racing Coilover kits come standard with a full set of spanner wrenches but wrenches can wear down or be lost over time. Whether you purchased your kit for a street car, occasional track use, or an all out race car, your spanner wrenches are the main tools used for adjusting ride height and spring preload. If your wrenches start to wear on the end or become deformed you’ll want to purchase new wrenches so you get maximum bite for tightening down your lock rings and to prevent the spanner wrenches from slipping off the lock rings while making your adjustments.

1988-1989-1990-1991-1992-1993-1994-1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003 name: Suzuki Swift Series: BR